Why Catnip?

All cool cats know it makes you mellow.  With all the turmoil of daily life, the stress and strife in the world we want to help you find your mellow.

The tips, tools and techniques we write about on the blog are based on scientific research and our decades of working with people just like you.  Let us know if they help you with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships or simply finding inspiration and a smile.

Cats are life experts because they have 9 of them

  1. Purr when you’re happy and find a cozy spot when you’re sad, mad or afraid
  2. Life is meant to be simple: eat, sleep, poop and play
  3. Milk is meant to be lapped not spilled
  4. Keep yourself clean and your claws sharp
  5. Make cat napping and cat nipping a priority every day.

However, YOU only have one life.  It’s important to get it right.  Each of us, with over 30 years as practicing licensed psychotherapists, have amassed a lot of information and scientific research on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being which we (and Maui) will share with you on the blog pages.   

Maui will contribute the tricks and, of course, the wisdom of the wild.

If you want to feel like a cool cat check out our blog posts and subscribe!

If we do say so, this site is the cat’s meow.  

Peggy & Judy 

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8 thoughts on “Why Catnip?

  1. REALLY looking forward to this new blog – am already in love with the wonderful kitty drawings, and Maui sounds like a cat I would have really liked to have hung out with.
    I’m confident this new collaboration will be wildly successful (despite Freddie P’s suggestion of a different name). Best wishes for having fun, helping many, many readers and making your hearts sing 🎶💗💓


    • Dear Remis Mom,
      You are very perceptive for a human . . . Peggy & Judy’s collaboration is WILD. Thank you for your kind and perceptive thoughts. (except the part in parenthesis).

      Freddie P., CCT, RET

      P.S. Maui might have been a cat I would have like to have had as my pet.


    • Dear Jack Hailey, Human-being,

      You can get your friend a gift subscription by sending me 14 bags of doggie treats, one large milkbone and a PetSmart gift certificate (made out to Freddie Parker Westerfield – I do not trust my human as she has cashed in my certificates in the past and bought doughnuts. I know cuz I could smell the dough on her breath . . . but I digress . . .) Once I receive payment I will contact Mz Clark.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCT, RET


  2. I sent a mild, an equinanimous, a peaceful comment to Catnip, but I got a message saying my comment is awaiting moderation. I don’t think I can make it any more moderate than it is. Please reconsider publishing it in its original quiet voice. Thank you.


    • Dear Jack Hailey, human-being,
      Peggy and Judy, being retired PSYCHOtherapists are a bit paranoid when it comes to comments. It seems they are afraid of being spammed . .. which I find quite tasty.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCT, RET


    • Dear Ksharper, human-being,
      Adopt a dog like me who doesn’t shed, doesn’t bark and is quite cute. (I prefer handsome, but for some reason humans continue to call me cute).

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDC
      Canine Dog Connoisseur


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