Free or Cheep

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A Purrrrfect 2-1/2% 

In our never-ending quest to do as little as possible and earn as little $ as possible in our retirement . . .  all our prizes (dare I say merchandise) are on  Zazzle.


Here’s how it works:

  • Zazzle makes the merchandise
  • “We” (PEGGY) draw the images and upload them on Zazzle
  • Zazzle prints our images on the merchandise,
  • Zazzle ships the merchandise to you
  • Zazzle takes all the money and hands us 5%.
  • Peggy gets 2-1/2%, Judy gets 2-1/2%*

So buy a whole bunch of stuff for yourself, family & friends . . . or strangers too . . . content in the knowledge that neither Peggy nor Judy is getting rich off of you.

 Click Here:  Zazzle

*With our stash of money, we aim to indulge ourselves in retirement.  European junkets, face-lifts and gelato are the first things we’re planning (undoubtedly in reverse order).

scan-13NOW! What you’ve been waiting for!

Free Stuff

We are STILL trying to figure out the technology on how to upload MP3 recordings, PowerPoint Presentations etc.

(Besides, the longer it takes us the more Zazzle merchandise you’ll buy and the quicker we can treat ourselves to gelato.)

In the meantime, to assuage the savage beast, for your children, grandchildren and you too . . . here are:

Free Maui Coloring Book Pages

from Peggy’s Children’s book about Maui’s Healing Journey

Click here to Print PDF

Click here to Print PDF

 Stay tuned. More free stuff will be coming . . .