WINE On!  

FIVE healthy supplements to add to your daily diet in ONE glass:

It’s National antioxidant, phenol, silicon, resveratrol, procyanidin Day

1. “Attacks” FREE RADICALS.




10 thoughts on “WINE On!  

  1. First comment said “white”, but the remainder of the top ten list suggest “red’ 7 to 1, with 2 seemingly favoring “any”. So, a glass of white, a glass of red, and a glass of any would seem appropriate for any but those with a substance dependency issue?


    • Rick,
      Thanks for the catch – I did a mini editing clarification. You’re WRITE on. The first study in Spain was focusing on whether white or red were indeed better. I suspect that it depends on the region where the grapes are grown since most studies indicate red is better?????


  2. I have heard this about wine before but never knew whether it was true or not. A much nicer way to take medication:) A glass of wine a day. Do you know the actual research behind?
    Would be great if it was true.😊 .
    Thank you for such a fun and informative article


    • Miriam,
      We try to include all the research info in all the posts but sometimes I forget to put up the links. In this case, most of the research was done by major institutes like Harvard and posted on WebMD. The biggest caveat I’ve found in the wine research is some that point to a link between alcohol and breast cancer. It’s probably best if there’s a history of cancer to check with an oncologist. All in all, it’s probably best to eat the actual grape and then you get roughage too!


  3. I read over and over how good red wine is for us, but I just don’t like the taste of it, or of any alcohol. I do eat red grapes but not every day. All that good stuff in a glass of wine but I just won’t. If only I could say the same for brownies, cookies, ice cream…..


  4. Wow who knew???!?! Increases bone density! Promotes longevity!…. fascinating. I guess the French are healthier than Americans due to their daily glass of red wine!
    Great post. Thanks for the education and now I am going to pour myself a glass! Cheers


    • Peta,
      So good to hear from you as I’ve not received any of your great blog posts and began to be concerned.
      Who knew? I sure didn’t. As for the longevity I think wine just might be the solution to not focusing, caring or remember the body aches that come from living long and “hard”.


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